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CS News issue 16 - April 2004



Fantasy, film and faith
"If you want gravitas and depth, go biblical it seems." John Stringer looks at the significance and impact of films like The Matrix, Lord of the Rings and The Passion of the Christ.
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Grant Banbury
The director of dealer gallery Campbell Grant Galleries discusses his own work and the formation of the gallery. He comments on Christchurch's arts practice and gallery scene.
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Things that go "click" in the night
Photographer Stefan Roberts talks about his distinctive long-exposure nightscapes - "discovering and revealing a world beyond the shadows, a world that normally lies hidden."
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Ceramic Terrorist
Contemporary ceramicist and Kauri Trust scholarship recipient Tim Brown on the experience of his period as artist in residence at the Christchurch Polytechnic.
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Stefan Roberts at the Campbell Grant gallery, Christchurch

Fire at Teschemakers
Mary Horn at the Forrester gallery, Oamaru

Don Binney retrospective
A personal response to Don Binney at the Auckland City Art Gallery


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