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Identity and iconography








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CS Arts Issue 29 - February 2008

To coincide with Waitangi Day 2008, this edition explores the dynamics of New Zealand art's Maori and Christian heritage. Members of the arts community who hold a Christian faith in one hand and Maori heritage in the other share their stories.



Identity and iconography
Sculptor and Maori Studies lecturer Robert Jahnke discusses the impact of colonisation, the Church's role in it and 'Maori art' as a cultural construct
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A radical shift in focus led Moana Tipa away from a corporate career path and into an arts programme that is changing lives
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Another view
The teachings of TW Ratana were a powerful part of Kura Te Waru Rewiri's upbringing, demanding an artistic response later in life
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Ratana Revisited
Author Keith Newman's 20-year labour of love has come to fruition, with a publication that goes deeper than ever into part of New Zealand's heritage
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Existence: Life according to Art
Group exhibition at the Waikato Museum, Hamilton

Chrysalis Seed group exhibition at the Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch
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Darryn George at the Wellington City Gallery

Mystic Truths
Group exhibition at the Auckland New Art Gallery

Te Muri O Te Ua - After The Rain
Linda Waimarie King at the Oriel Gallery, Picton

Tim Brown at the Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch

Cristina Popovici at SoCA, Auckland

[still looking]
Stefan Roberts at Campbell Grant Gallery, Christchurch


Book review

Taiawhio II
Huhana Smith and Norman Heke


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