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Glory, Visions of Faith

A review of the group exhibition - artists include; Gabrielle Thomas, Michelle Dawson, Gina Van Wichen, Anne Grindell, Ian wright, Brydie Baxter, Caren Ward, Barb Ellison, Jennifer Richardson, Shannon Thomson, Lyle Penisula, Chris Love Thomson, Stuart King, Dominique Maheno, Lindsey Wilding, Tapanui Youth Group, Brent Jamieson and Jane Stuart

City Gallery, Invercargill
12 March - 1 April 2009


An exhibition at present on show at the City Gallery, Invercargill, reveals the hearts’ of artist believers, in relationship to their faith. Curated by local artists, Gabrielle Thomas and Michelle Dawson. Glory, Visions of Faith; takes the viewer on a journey of visual discovery as portrayed by each exhibitor.

Central to the exhibition is Stuart King’s crucifix sculpture Stauros placed in the centre of Gallery 1. Crafted in steel, King’s skill and craftsmanship in working with metal is strongly apparent in this sculpture. Confident understanding of the design elements of positive/negative space used in this structure, gives this piece a sense of strength and timelessness.

Supporting the sculptural piece; paintings, photographs, and prints, displayed on the walls of Gallery 1, complement each other with painterly style, colour, and imagery, along with quality presentation.

The expression of Glory being significantly portrayed through many works, by the manipulation of light. Made possible, by artists thoughtfully considering the use of colour and tonal values to express this.One competent example of this technique is portrayed in Gabrielle Thomas’s This is Jesus a portrait of Jesus in oil paint. Jesus is looking at the viewer with a gentle but penetrating gaze. Around his head and background are confident mark making brushstrokes. While these create a Divine energy, colour is also an important ingredient. The use of delicate whites, blending out to pale yellows to darker ochres and siennas towards the borders of this work, create the impression of glory and light, while contrasting with the realism of the portrait.

Overall the contributing artists in this exhibition show a confident use of their chosen medium. Some pieces lacked compositional strength. However, this matter can be remedied by further personal art study. Another important inclusion in this exhibition is the Youth and Student Art section. Many of these works showing; not only exuberance of expression, but confidence, and artistic strength; along with clarity of faith and personal belief. Lindsey Wilding’s screen print Life articulates this.


Reviewed and written by Gina van Wichen


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