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Art Exhibition Reviews for 2009

An archive of all the 2009 Art Exhibition Reviews posted on the Chrysalis Seed Trust website.

Listed below in order of the most recent to earlier exhibitions


Exhibition Review index:

Boplicity - Paul Judd

Blue Horizons - Jillian Wordsworth

Sam Harrison New Woodcuts - Sam Harrison

Have a little faith - Niki Hastings-McFall

Pink Gravity - Nell Nutsford

New Works - Helen Langley

Earth Whisperers/Papatuanuku - Kathleen Gallagher

Temporal - Jacquie Haselden

Irene Richards 70th Birthday Retrospective exhibition - Irene Richards

Inland - Garry Currin

Questions of Balance - Claire Beynon

Lost in Paradise - Miranda Woollett

Inner Landscapes - 15 New Zealand Artists with Canterbury Connections

Praise - Yong-Hyun Kwon

Questions and Obsessions - Benjamin King

Lost Voices - Evelyn Kawiti

Patterns of Gaia - Galina Kim and Sue Spigel

Pilgrimage - Mary Horn

Face to Face - Group exhibition 

Park n' Paua - Maria Park

Abstraction - Darryn George Keeps Good company

Ensemble - Group exhibition

How the Light Gets in - Brenda Liddiard

The Maker and the Made - Poppy Moore

Seven Last Words - Nigel Brown

Pathos - Brett A'Court

In our Garden - Marilyn Andrews

Dislec Sick? - Rosie and Elizabeth White

A Home coming exhibition - Clay Sinclair

Fallen II - Sam Harrison

A Landscape of Dreams - Trish Shirley

Topography of Genesis - Sudhir Duppati

Quatrefoil - Peter Healy

Glory, Visions of Faith - Group exhibition

Art at Work - Mark Lander

Let there be Light - Anne-Marie Verbeek 



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