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Chrysalis Seed - August 2010 Update

The vision of Chrysalis Seed is to 'generate multiplying groups of artists in a subculture centred in Jesus'.  Its mission is to ‘equip artists to integrate their art and faith, and to reconcile art and faith communities’. This will continue even though the structure and operations of Chrysalis Seed as a Trust have finished.
We are confident that God will multiply the work and vision of Chrysalis Seed, without the organisation itself. A grass roots movement will continue to emerge as fresh shoots sprouting out of the tree stump. Artists and activists are continuing to build on the foundations we have built in the last 14 years.

CS Arts magazine online presence

This website is being maintained in a reduced form to ensure accessibility of the CS Arts magazines and to emphasise that the vision of Chrysalis Seed for artists in New Zealand will keep going for the long term, as it takes on a life of its own.  

The following services are continuing in 2010:
  1. Four groups of Christian artists in Waikanae, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill. Click here for more details.
  2. A social network of over 600 artists and supporters.
  3. A comprehensive library of art and faith materials available nationally to artists and students through Knox College, Dunedin Christian artists and activists networking throughout New Zealand.
  4. Regional gatherings of artists. 
  5. All published CS Arts magazines available online.
  6. A monthly prayer newsletter for artists, groups and arts institutions from the 4th of June.
  7. Artists’ social network: www.csartspace.org.nz
  8. An online community where artists and supporters of the visual arts meet and chat online, share ideas, news and information. 

Art and faith library shifted to Dunedin 

As reported earlier, the CS library and shelves are now safely in the Hewitson Library at Knox College in Dunedin. The collection is being progressively added to the Hewitson Library’s online catalogue. The Hewitson Library’s online catalogue can be found on the University of Otago Library’s catalogue called Voyager. Please follow these steps:

1. To find Voyager enter http://otago.lconz.ac.nz this takes you to the catalogue search page

2. Type in “chrysalis seed” complete with quotation marks in the search box as a Keyword search and hit Enter.  This will give you a list of all the Chrysalis Seed books.

3. Refine your search by adding keywords:

“chrysalis seed” art

“chrysalis seed” bible

4. Click on a title to read the full information.

When requesting a book, please provide details of  Author, Title and Call number.  Any requests for books  can be emailed to hewitson@knoxcollege.ac.nz.

End of tenancy at The Arts Centre

After nine years, Chrysalis Seed finished its time as a tenant at the Christchurch Arts Centre as on 1st April 2010. Jessica started her lease as a tenant on the same day, shifting her art studio into the rooms that were the main office and staff room. Peter has kept his personal office next door. He is continuing to  support artists of faith through personal contact, prayer and research.

csartspace  online community continues

We are absolutely committed to making sure this social network continues. We are encouraged how this has developed the last 18 months. The content and interaction on csartspace will continue to be driven by its members.  By June 2011 we will review the way it is managed.  If you have ideas or suggestions for either content or administration, do let us know. Thank you for those of you who have already offered ideas and help. A new administrator was appointed in June 2010.

Communicating and follow up

Jenna-Lea is attempting to contact those on the CS Arts magazine mailing list on our behalf, to make sure you all are clear about the changes in Chrysalis Seed. This will also be a chance to for you to give your own feedback on the work of the Trust.

Peter and Jessica Crothall (founding directors of Chrysalis Seed)







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