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CS News issue 20 - March 2005

This edition complements the exhibition Night and Day. We look at some of the people behind the art being shown.



Environmental conscience through faith and art
Mike Palmers reflects on the underlying links between a passion for the land, God and art.



Mark Lander
On living and making paper in the rural town of Oxford
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Tim Croucher
Describes his recent work, the history of his art practice and what influences and inspires him
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Wendy Grace Allen
On the crossovers between visual and performance art, tutoring and writing about art
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Anne Fountain
On the emergence and reappearance of the Lewis Chessmen in her mixed-media works
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Detecting Art
With ex-cop turned artist Janet Joyce
Download this interview (pdf format, 44kb)

Glenys Brookbanks
The artists and writers that she admires inspire a technical and sensual painting practice
Download this interview (pdf format, 84kb)



Jonathan Baker
At Campbell Grant Galleries, Christchurch


Download CS News issue 20 - March 2005

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