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CS Arts issue 26 - March 2007

Beginning a two-part series on film, this edition listens to three academics on the intersection between theology and film.



Theology and art: Revelation, art and film
Rev Dr Kevin Ward teaches on spirituality in film. He talks to CS Arts about the hindrances and possibilities in a theological perspective on fictional art
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Lobotomised Christians and the colonial cringe of New Zealand
Rev Dr Steve Taylor sees art and theology as "... two separate circles that overlap. Neither should domesticate or serve the other. In the middle is a very fertile zone for discussion and debate."
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Academic eyes wide open
We meet Professor Bill Romanowski, whose research focuses on the transition from Protestant America to pluralist America. He traces the emergence of cinema as a means of mass-communication
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Exhibition reviews

Rooms & Resonances
Cristina Popovici at the Arthouse (Christchurch)

Darryn George at the Brooke Gifford Gallery (Christchurch)

129 Oaks
Iain Cheeseman, Ali Bramwell and Pennie Hunt at the Aigantighe (Timaru)

Silent speech
Group show at the Peter Rae Gallery (Dunedin)

On Pilgrimage
Galina Kim, Sue Spigel and Father Alexis at the Cloisters Gallery (Christchurch)

A.M.G.D. At His Feet
Mary Mulholland at Milford Galleries (Dunedin)

The SCAPE festival biennial of art in public space (Christchurch)

City of London festival
Yoko Ono: public art and people (London, UK)


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