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CS News issue 18 - October 2004

This edition is primarily focused on our first group exhibition in Dunedin, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to have an Otago emphasis. Instead of an article, we explore Otago arts through interviews and poetry.



Peter Cleverley
The arts media in New Zealand have questioned whether Peter Cleverley is a sinner or a saint ... perhaps he is too Cleverley by far, filling his paintings with a variety of Christian imagery, symbols and allusions, but distancing himself from any McCahon-like faith journey
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Shelley Johnson
Shelley talks about a group of Christians in art school, a group of artists in church and how becoming a Christian has impacted on her art
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Allie Eagle
Discusses the need for the Christian artist "... not to be tyrannised by moulds that are incompatible" and to "... be savvy to speak in the language they are most attracted to."
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Susan Frykberg
Tries to balance spirituality, creativity and good works. She shares her concept for the upcoming show Beyond
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Dr Mark Stocker
Art historian at Otago University, Dr Stocker describes coming to New Zealand and some of the roles he has played. He comments on a few of the current controversies...
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Anna-Kate Loughnan
A 24-year-old student completing a PhD in neuro-anatomy is pioneering Azucena - a gallery, cafe and trust that provides mentoring for Christian artists, support and opportunities to feed back into the community
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Everyday Miracles
Stanley Spencer at the Auckland Art Gallery, Wellington City Gallery and Dunedin Public Gallery

Anne Marie Verbeek at the Crank Cafe, Wellington

Somewhere between intuition and reason
Claire Beynon at the Arthouse, Christchurch

Echoes and shadows
Cristina Popovici at the Arthouse, Christchurch



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